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Science and Stuff

Try Science
Use DNA to solve a crime. Design a house to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This site puts science in action.

ReviseWise Science
Activities and games involving electricity, magnetism, light, sound, and gravity.

National Weather Service
A series of coloring pages on thunderstorms, tornado safety, and winter weather.

Biome/Habitat Information
Find information about biomes and habitats. NOTE: You must scroll down to get to the information and you do not need to pay for the information.

Earth Floor: Biomes
Find brief information covering the different biomes.

Missouri Botanical Gardens: Biomes and Ecosystems
Find information on biomes of the world and ecosystems. After choosing a biome or ecosystem, use the left side bar to find information and photos.

World's Biomes
Find information about six biomes: freshwater, marine, desert, forest, grassland, and tundra.

African-American Engineer & Inventors
Discover African-American engineers and inventors. It includes brief biographies.

This Britannica web site discusses the history of clocks. It discusses sundials, sandglass, candle clocks, and more.

How Products Are Made
Every wonder how certain objects are made? Search this web site for the answers!

How Stuff Works
Ever wonder if swallowed gum stays with you for seven years? Find the answers to this urban myth and others here. It covers nearly every topic and question imaginable.

Need information on inventors? Browse by or search by inventor’s last name.

Dan's Wild Wild Weather
Learn all about the weather, like hurricanes, and weather technology, like satellites, from Dan, a meteorologist of Huntsville, Alabama. It includes learning activities, projects, and links.

Exploratorium: The museum of science, art and human perception
Need a hands-on activity or science project? The Exploratorium is the place to go! Not only can you get ideas and projects, but information on the science behind the projects. It can also useful to find information on inventions.

NASA World Book
Use this encyclopedia for space related information.