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by Sarah Strifley

This is a great app where anyone can write and read fanfictions on their favorite books. If you don’t know what fanfictions are, they are books that people write based on their favorite animes, books, movies, and games. It’s a free app that you can get on any device. https://www.wattpad.com/

A Short Story

by Kate Smith

I come here to find peace. A sense of ease from the terror of civilization. The dead, dry grass crunches as I sit down soundly on my back and stare at the tree above. It feels as if the world is revolving without me, like no one cares that I exist. Maybe it’s just my selfish ways or maybe it’s my strange brain. I’ve noticed the way people look at me and it makes me mad. Then they look away like nothing is wrong which makes me even madder. It’s obvious to anyone that I am burdened with a face cleft on the left side of my face. No one treats me like a normal person. I’ve grown to accept that I’m different and that there’s no cure for my problem. That’s why I walk the mile every day to the park where I sit under my tree. Yes, I did just say it was my tree. Once people see me here they won’t want to come to this tree again. That’s why it’s mine. I love watching the different people come and go. I love it when no one looks my way. It had been like this at the park for two years until he walked up.

It was May and the flowers were everywhere. I laid under My Tree at the park reading. My book was just another book in the series of Harry Potter. Every time I picked up a Harry Potter book I thought to myself what a nerd I am, but then I get over it and move on. I’ve now read the series three times. I was beginning the climax of the third book when a glanced up to see a tall lanky boy leaning against My Tree and staring over my shoulder. 

“Um, I know it may not be weird to you, but to me it’s weird when someone is staring at me,” I said quietly, still reading my book. 

“I know.” Was all he said. I tilted my head up to see if I knew this weird, stalker guy. I had never seen this kid in my life. I sat up quickly and pulled my book in my arms afraid of this strange boy that had this sudden interest in staring at me! “I’m sorry for startling you, but I just can’t imagine reading a book of that size. Personally I prefer the small and emotional poems of traditional poets,” he said as he plopped down on the ground beside me. It wasn’t until then that I truly realized his facial aspects. He had dark brown hair that was messily patted down, and the richest blue eyes that I have ever seen. My senses told me to walk away right then but I do normally ignore them, so I stayed put. “Well that’s great and everything, but you see I really don’t have a clue about who you are!”, and I said it just like that, only maybe with more sarcasm. He didn’t look taken off guard by me saying that, he looked like a creepy, stalker guy. I fact, all he did was laugh. Which made the whole situation even more awkward. His laugh was deep much like his voice, and it was a goofy cute kind of laugh that could only make you laugh. All he said was, “I know that but that’s why I came to introduce myself. Hi, the name’s Charles Edward. The typical most boring name in the world, but I was willing to risk my name for your acquaintance.” Again the goofy smile was coming back out. I tried not to smile back because when I did my top lip curled up and my check started to twitch. So, I sat there super awkwardly just staring back at him. Finally, I pulled my senses back together and said,” Well, hello Charlie,” knowing that his name was Charles,” my name is Andi Williams and I find you quit creepy and strange!” He just kept on staring.

“Well hello Andi and I find that I have enjoyed making your acquaintance.” With that he got up silently and walked away. That was the day that I met Charlie.

Attack on Titan Manga

by Juanita Cardenas

Attack on Titan is an anime show where humanity is on the brink of extinction because of giant human like titans. These titans eat human beings. The remaining humans hide inside three main walls, away from the danger these titans. Then, one day a titan named the “Colossal” attacked wall Maria. All the humans have to evacuate to the next wall. Eren, the main character, along with his friends Armin and Mikasa intend on putting an end to this titan’s hunger for humans.