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Catalog Hints

Tips and tricks for using our online catalog.

This page answers some basic questions about the JPL online catalog (click link to visit our catalog).


  • Can I renew items online?
    Yes! You can renew your items online as long as: (1) the items are not overdue, (2) you don't owe any fines, and/or (3) the item you wish to renew is not already on reserve to another patron.

    To renew an item, first access your patron information using the instructions in the next section. Once your patron information is on screen, simply check the box next to the items you wish to renew and click the "Renew Selected Items" button.

  • Can I reserve items online?
    Yes! You can reserve items that are on order or checked out by locating the item in the catalog and clicking on "Reserve this item" at the bottom of the record. You may be prompted to log into your account (see next section). Once you have accessed your patron information, you will be asked to verify that you wish to reserve the item.

    Items that show to be on the shelf cannot be reserved online.  Please call the library at 903-586-7664 and we will hold the item at the desk for you.

    To remove your name from a reserve list, simply log into your account, place a check mark next to the item in the "Items You Have Reserved" section, and press the "Cancel Reserve" button.

    Although Atriuum seemingly allows you to place a reserve on any item in our collection, (including reference materials, genealogy items, and videos) our circulation policy does not allow these items to be reserved, and any reservation requests for these items will not be honored.

  • How do I get a list of videos?
    To get a list of videos/DVDs that the library owns, you can click on the "VISUAL SEARCH" link on the left-hand side of the catalog, then choose "MATERIALS BY TYPE." From this screen, you can get a list of videocassettes, DVDs, and Home Education items.

    Alternatively, you can enter "VC" (without the quotes) into the search box, choose "Call Number" from the drop-down menu on the middle box and click "Go". To get a list of our "Home Education" videos, substitute "JPL HE" (without the quotes) in the search box.

  • How do I find biographies/autobiographies?
    We have separated our adult biographies/autobiographies into their own section. To get a list of these, enter "BIO" (without the quotes) into the search box, choose "Call Number" from the drop-down menu on the middle box and click "Go".

    Please remember that this will not include juvenile, genealogy, reference, or Texas Collection titles. To find biographies/autobiographies, search the name of the person "Last name, First name" (e.g., "Lincoln, Abraham") in the search box, choose "Subject" from the drop-down menu on the middle box and click "Go".

  • How do I get a list of items that are on order?
    To get a list of items that are on order, enter "ON ORDER" (without the quotes) into the search box, choose "Call Number" from the drop-down menu on the middle box and click "Go".

  • Can I request ILL items online?
    Yes, you can! At the bottom of our homepage, search for the item you want in the "Search Texas Group Catalog" box. Once you have the result for the particular item you wish to request, click on the blue REQUEST button to submit it.  You will be prompted to choose your home library and to provide your barcode number and PIN.

    If you are from another library and wish to borrow one of our items through ILL, please make the request through your home library. (Please note that we do not lend reference, genealogy, Texas Collection, periodicals, or audio-visual items through Interlibrary Loan).


Our Atriuum Online Public Access Catalog lets patrons access information about themselves. Patrons can view information about their:

  • Items on hold.
  • Items on loan.
  • Estimated fines due for items currently overdue.
  • Items on reserve.

This is also the screen where you can renew your items.

To access your patron information:

  • On the Home page of our Website, click the "Go to the Catalog" link below the catalog seach box. (From the catalog, click on the "Log On" button in the upper right-hand corner).
  • Click on the "Log On" button in the upper right-hand corner.  Enter your Patron Barcode (the number on the back of your library card) and your PIN (unless you have told us otherwise, this should be your last name, all in lower-case letters).
  • Click the "Log on" button. You will taken to the "Patron Circulation Info" screen.
  • Items that are currently checked out to you will be listed in the "Items Out" section. Any estimated fines owed and the number of times you have renewed the item is shown beneath the item information.
  • To renew an item, place a checkmark in the box next to its title and click the "Renew Selected Items" button.
  • If there is a problem renewing the item (e.g., if the item is overdue, if there are fines owed, or if the item is on reserve), a message will notify you of the problem. You may call the library at (903) 586-7664 for assistance.